The Original Nailco!

Ahh, our first born! Established in September 2017 and situated right in the middle of Glasgow City Centre. We could tell you some tales about our journey in this salon, but you probably wouldn’t believe us!

Ok, ok, we’ll give you a snippet, since you asked! In March 2018 disaster struck due to a nearby building catching fire and resulting in a flood which totally and utterly destroyed our (6 month old) salon. Did we let this stop us? DID WE HECK! We grabbed our things, and within 10 hours of the flood hitting we moved into a space a 2 minute walk up the road and set up shop in a nearby hotel  function suite which we ended up calling home for 13 weeks! We saw clients as normal, in fact we didn’t cancel a single appointment! We carried out all of the services we could, and through this disaster solidified our reputation and dedication to our clients.

Want the good news? As a result of the flood, we refurbished our entire salon from top to bottom, and therefore ended up with the brand new, beautiful and striking interiors you see today really allowing us to bring our vision for Nailco to life!

Our Glasgow salon is a true testament to who we are as a brand, a bunch of young hard-working women who only see only opportunities, not set-backs, and we are extremely proud of it.

What our Clients Say!

The go to place for nails in Glasgow! Been going here for years and I would never think of going anywhere else! The girls are all so friendly and all do an amazing job. The salon is also gorgeous and super clean!

Kate Smith

The absolute best nail bar in Scotland. As well as overall fantastic customer care, the nail techs are magnificent. I’m a regular of Rachel’s – Queen of nail art – but I would also really recommend Lauren. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this salon. It’s magnificent, and you need to go!

Emma Walton

Saw their promo video on Facebook and had to give them a try! I walked into a very fashionable salon and got such a warm welcome from the staff. Really long-lasting nails and very knowledgeable nails techs too! And best of it all is they have STUDENT DISCOUNT! Perfect for a girl’s day out or just a wee treat for yourself! xx

Caroline Bell