Here at Nailco, we love social media! We love it because itโ€™s a place for us to showcase our work, keep in touch with our clients and engage with other businesses.

Instagram is one of the fastest way to contact us during business hours and get a near instant response and itโ€™s a great way for us to be able to share images with you!

We have two different Instagram accounts, one is for Aberdeen, and the other for all of the other salons.

Why you ask?

Well in Glasgow we focus solely on Nails (at the moment!) Where as in our Aberdeen super-salon, we have both Nails and Beauty treatments on offer. We didn’t want to confuse people with different treatments / offers for different areas, so we kept them seperate. Don’t worry though, all important information can be found on both accounts so you wont miss out!

Here are the links!